Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why We Love Leonard Cohen

I was fortunate to have a ticket to the Leonard Cohen concert this weekend; and the show was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.  Bear in mind, I'm a child of the sixties and seventies, and I've gone to a lot of concerts - some of which I even remember. 

I love Leonard Cohen because I hear with more than my ears his beautiful, yet dark poetry.  His words surround my heart.  I share Leonard Cohen's dismal view of humankind.  I feel Leonard Cohen's pain and I grasp, if not totally believe, Leonard Cohen's underlying spiritual belief that this will all pass. 

Leonard Cohen speaks to me because, like him, I choose not to ignore the plight of this planet.  I choose not to pretend love exists where clearly the message underneath is not love, but something sinister and self-serving.  In short, I look at the world with little delusion and very little forgiveness in my heart for those who perpetuate the fraud.

Leonard Cohen, despite being firmly grounded in the stark reality of the human experience, believes in the bright light of hope at the end of despair.  I, hard as this may be for some people to believe, also believe in this.  I'm just impatient after 61 years of dealing with the dark and sinister people who have crossed my path.  I feel emotionally exhausted and it would be much easier to just not care anymore.  But alas, care I must.  As with all of you, I'm cracked and damaged, but that's where the light gets in.  I love Leonard Cohen.  10,000 Kisses Deep.

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