Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Meaning to "Scott Free"

After years of investigation, Scott Walker is off the hook for wrongdoing in public office.  The John Doe Investigation has officially ended, with no charges for the big fish himself, although some of his staff members went down.

Ah well.  There is no justice in our lives.  However, there is poetic justice and Scott Walker will surely get his just desserts at some point. 

Wisconsin is on the total "f*cked up" road, and we've got the master pilot at the helm.  Can't do much about it.  It's winter here, but the road construction has already started.  Scott Walker paying off the Road Builders for those massive campaign contributions. 

The environmentally devastating mining legislation is being pushed through, sure to destroy the pristine northwoods of our state.  Fortunately, this will get tied up in the courts for decades.  Unfortunately, your tax dollars will be sucked into this black hole.

Rarely has someones face on television brought on my gag reflex, but Scott Walker and his big, fat lying mouth makes me retch. 

Waiting for poetry in a land of people who can barely read.

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AlexisAR said...

My Aunt just gave birth to a large kidney stone. she has several a year and has started naming them. Today's stone, which was actually a Siamese twin (or "conjoined twin" if you're into political correctness)was named Scott Walker.