Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sheriff Clarke Yuks it Up Again

Now Sheriff Clarke has stated publicly, on lunatic radio, that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has "penis envy". 

Well, come on now.  Talk about racial stereotypes.

Anyhow, Sheriff Clarke seems to be increasingly mentally ill.  He's armed, he's tough and he's nuts.  And apparently, well hung.

Really, we need to take some proactive measures to protect the citizenry here in Milwaukee County.  I suppose when Sheriff Clarke proves his point (after all, Abele is a shrimpish little white guy while Clarke is a very tall black man) by waving his magic wand for the media, then we'll have enough to Chapter 51 the dude.  Meanwhile, I wouldn't invite the Sheriff to any television tapings.

Fortunately, Chris Abele is taking the high road, refusing to rise to the bait of an obviously emotionally and mentally unbalanced man with a gun.  I don't always like Abele's politics, but I respect his logic in this case.

I feel sorry for the people in the Sheriff's Department who have to deal with Clarke's megalomania on a daily basis.  How tired they all must be.  Dealing with mental illness on a daily basis is horrendous; and can be downright contagious when you're put in a situation where your commanding officer is a fruitcake, but no one wants to tell him.  Well, apparently Clarke is going to eventually open his trap right out of office.  Or his fly.  We all wait with abject horror.

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