Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Shortage of A$$hole Politicians in Wisconsin

The little brained puppet boy of big business, otherwise known as the pawn Scott Walker, has rejected billions in federal aid that would have allowed Wisconsin to expand Badger Care, the health insurance program for the uninsured here in our state.

Isn't that just about what you'd expect from Scott Walker.  Its always f*cking ideology before people with these dickheads.  I believe Scott Walker is reincarnated.  His last incarnation was the son-of-a-bitch who loaded the Zyklon B into the shower canisters at the death camps.  Scott Walker is a horror of a human being.  Anyone who thinks differently has absolutely no compassion or kindness inside them, and no real clue about life or love, in general.  Pity the fool. 

I don't know what the republicans are thinking; that they can kill off the poor?  That seems to be their approach.  No food programs.  No health insurance programs.  No welfare whatsoever.  Sounds like a Nazi plan to me. 

I wonder if Walker has hired an architect to build some crematoriums.  Or maybe this is why he wants the mining bill, which would be devastating to the environment, pushed through so quickly.  Let's just kill poors and minorities, put them in a big hole in the ground and cover them up. 

Scott Walker is a travesty of a human being.  I am disgusted by the citizens of this state and their election of this completely inhumane poor excuse for any kind of an earthling.  If these are our leaders, we'd better hope there's intelligent life out there cuz there is BLOODY LITTLE OF IT DOWN HERE.

Forget revolution.  We need alien intervention, even if they just come here to eat us.


AlexisAR said...

I don;='t get anything about this guy and whatever it is he's trying to accomplish. It's almost as though he's shooting for a legacy of stupidity and incompetence. It's hard to think of another explanation.

Citizen X said...

He's trying to be the next Idi Amin. Genocide.