Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'd Rather Be A Marxist Than an A$$hole

Senator Ron Johnson, aka Dumb A$$, has really ignited emotions here in Wisconsin again.

Comparing democrats to Marxists and Socialists, Ron Johnson has, once again, proven he has nothing to say worth hearing. 

He likens the reelection of Barack Obama to a "body blow to Americans".  I'm fairly certain Ron Johnson wouldn't know any kind of blow if it bit him in the A$$.

He also said the reelection was a "body blow to freedom".  F*ck Ron Johnson.  What would he know about freedom?  His entire existence is based on keeping people poor, suppressed and enslaved.  Unless, of course, you're a rich F*ck who stole everything you have.

Ron Johnson needs to be run out of Washington as soon as possible.  That this moron took the place of Russ Feingold is a mind blow to all intelligent people everywhere. 

Republicans are disgusting.  Ron Johnson is one of the most disgusting of them all.  This man's brain is a danger to all good people of the planet.  Thank God its small.

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