Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ron Johnson Anti-Woman

Ron Johnson, that moron pretending to be a United States Senator from Wisconsin, has voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. 

He said it contained serious flaws. 

If Ron Johnson was capable of recognizing a serious flaw when he saw one, he'd immediately resign from politics. 

Ron Johnson is a misogynist - as are most republicans.  Why these guys are so terrified of women and of granting women equal rights under the law is a mystery.  One can only believe that on some level, they recognize themselves for the true repressive, women haters they are.

If any woman in the State of Wisconsin votes to keep Ron Johnson in office ever again, she would have to be designated criminally insane.

Personally speaking, Ron Johnson is someone whom should never have attained a political office.  Oh, but I forget.  He did it all with wifey's money.  What a $hithead.

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