Friday, February 22, 2013

Pimps, Prostitutes and Priests

In the not so distant past, a group of people I knew always had an annual "Pimp, Prostitute and Priest" party.  We'd rent a bus, dress up in some costume relative to the theme, and hit the bars all over town.  I remember gigantic hangovers, but being really in good shape from all the dancing we did. 

One of the friends, a nice Jewish boy, always rented a Pope costume.  He was awesome; so cute in his pointy hat.  We all kissed his ring.  There were lots of nuns, more prostitutes, a couple of priests and a wide variety of pimps.  I remember one year borrowing a lab coat, sticking a turkey baster in one pocket and a legless baby doll in the other and going as an abortionist.  We all ended up going duck pin bowling at midnight.  Ah, fond memories!

Anyhow, long story short, who knew that the Vatican was borrowing this theme and living it?

I don't know how people wrap their heads around the catholic religion, I truly don't.  I just know that watching the archdiocese here in Milwaukee try to cry "bankrupt" to get out of paying victims of clergy sexual abuse is appalling, probably as appalling as our pimp prostitute and priest parties.  At least, we weren't serious.  And now the latest rumors coming out of Italy are just atrociously horrific.  Scandals, blackmail, high class gay prostitution rings, and high up holy men in the church.  No wonder the pope resigned.  And all you "crazy catholics" to quote my father, better think about where that money is actually going after you drop it in the collection basket.  Do you really want to support Luigi's House of Endless Pleasure?

Now, I have to say I'm on the edge about believing in God.  I do believe in the Great Cosmic Soup.  But if a football field sized meteorite were to land on Vatican City in the next few months, you betcha I'm a believer!

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Paul Kirby said...

The catholic church is in crisis. Beset by scandal after scandal. Sexual and physical abuse, paedophilia and hypocrisy. Today, the senior most catholic in the UK has resigned to deal with accusations of 'inappropriate behaviour' in connection with young seminarians. It remains to be seen whether the church has a reached a tipping point. My guess is not. It is in transition at the moment with the resignation of Benedict but my guess is it will emerge a little more humble, but other than that nothing much will change. I may be wrong.
I know a great deal of catholics (naturally), and a lot are greatly disturbed and dismayed by these events. I know a few priests and although I disagree with all religion I respect them as human beings - those that are non -judgmental, compassionate and open to the views of others. Some of course are just shits. But that is the spectrum of any social group.
The next few weeks will be interesting.