Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sheriff Clarke -- UNFIT?

To quote my uncle, one of the first UDT team members in World War II, You Betcha!

Stan Stujkovic, in The Milwaukee Journal today, brings up several valid points on why Sheriff Clarke is unfit.


He promotes gun violence and vigilantism.

He always wants to be in the public eye and enjoys grandstanding, always auditioning for some role that seems to only exist in his jumbled conscious.

He cries all the time over budget cuts (like the rest of us aren't facing downsizing and looking for ways to trim the fat out of our monetary diets), yet off he goes to every conference available in a nice location. 

He stretches any fact to suit a personal belief he may hold, i.e., that the 911 system is not a good idea , or at least, not as good an idea as pulling out your firearm and shooting someone.  He says this because his budget was cut and he lost some deputy positions.

He does not have the respect of his underlings, and is, in fact, a punitive, nasty leader who lets it all get personal, making decisions about staff that end up in the courts, costing the taxpayers a $hitload of money.

He doesn't get along with judges and other county leaders.  He is of the opinion that his opinion is all that matters.  These days, his opinion, along with his mental stability, is seriously in question.

I agree with Mr. Stojkovic; Sheriff Clarke is an abysmal failure.

Let me remind you of an instance of Sheriff Clarke's behavior in the not so distant past.

He was driving home during a snow storm.  Sees a motorist stuck on an off ramp, and pushes his car off the ramp with his own vehicle (county issued).  He then calls one of his deputies to assist the motorist so he can continue with whatever the hell the Sheriff does on his off time.  The deputy notes there are open alcohol containers in the pushee's vehicle, and that the driver is drunk.  She arrests him and writes up the ticket.  Sheriff Clarke then puts this poor deputy into the disciplinary process and makes her life a hell for years for "embarrassing" him.  Sheriff Clarke needs no help in embarrassing himself.  He's a perfect a$$ and he needs to get kicked out of what should be an important position, but has recently become a laughable and accurate impression of a Barney Fife mentality.

Abysmal failure?  Check.  Cartoon mentality?  Check.  Unhappy Milwaukeeans everywhere with this clown in office?  Absolute certainty.

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