Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ground Hog Day

Well, if the groundhog sees his shadow today here in Milwaukee, I'm personally going over to the zoo and choking it to death.

Well, not really.  But the thought of six more weeks of winter is about as awful a thought as Scott Walker and Sheriff Clarke winning future elections.

I plan to move to New Orleans in 2016.  Can't come soon enough.  Everyday, my husband gives me a report on the temperature in the big easy.  Truthfully, it makes me so upset.  I've lived here all my life, which equates to I've been an idiot all my adult life.  Why didn't I leave when I had the chance?  Because I was broke?  One thing that is absolutely certain is that you can be broke anywhere, so you might as well be broke someplace nice.  Ah, well.  Perhaps I didn't have the courage to pick up and leave all that was familiar, even if all that was familiar was super annoying.

I am sick of being cold.  I used to ski, used to pray for tons and tons of snow, but I don't anymore because of various concussions and injuries suffered in the past.  I'm always a gung-ho kind of person, never taking the reasonable path, but always throwing caution to the wind.  Gung ho is interchangeable with stupid, I guess.  At any rate, despite my rapidly deteriorating body, my mind still thinks I'm twenty, so it is a bad mesh and I keep risks to a minimum by staying off skis.  Thrill seeker personalities are the last ones to realize they've grown old.   I took up golf.  Sheesh.  Replacing physical torture with mental torture.  Unfortunately, golf cannot happen in the winter. 

At any rate, Happy February 2nd - we are definitely turning the corner toward spring, now.  There are many things to look forward to!  For me - I can file for social security on April 28th, 90 days before my 62nd birthday.  That's a wonderful feeling.  I wouldn't exactly call it free money, having been enslaved by various employers most of my life, but it is money that will magically appear in my bank account every 30 days, and make that New Orleans dream one step closer, one month at a time.

It's pretty white here in Milwaukee today, snowing and no sun.  But I know there is a flower blooming somewhere south of the Mason/Dixon line just begging my nose to come and smell it.  And definitely a Hurricane waiting for me at the Old Absinthe House!

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Paul Kirby said...

You? Golf? I just don't see it. Dust off that snowboard and get some 'nollies' on. You go girl. You may be ready for New Orleans but is New Orleans ready for you? Hurricane X is coming to Louisiana.