Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why We Need a Revolution

We need a revolution because it's been over 200 years since the last one.  The country is a mess, having been turned over to corporations and special interest groups. 

We need a revolution to oust politicians like Scott Walker, David A. Clarke, Jr., and most republicans.  This country cannot move forward if it is mired in an ideology that should have died with the wild west.

We need a revolution to take back and implement the United States Constitution, free from the meddling of lawyers and congressional incumbents.

We need a revolution to prevent cults, like the Roman Catholic Church, from sexually assaulting children and then filing bankruptcy to prevent payment to victims.

We need a revolution to protect the environment from the money grubbers who can't see past a dollar sign.  That their brains are affected by bad air, bad water and bad food is evident.

We need to dismantle the United States of America, Inc. once and for all.  It simply is not worth saving in its current state.

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