Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Global Warming is Here to Stay!

Even as I watch the snow blowing outside my window, I know that we (earthlings) have seriously screwed up the environment and that our planet is deep in global warming.  It is probably too late, now, to right the wrongs.  I believe we passed the tipping point awhile ago, according to some scientific models.

So, I'm just waiting for the planet to spit us out, like so many germs.  It always has and it always will take care of itself, even if it means getting rid of us.  When governments cannot render a plan, Planet Earth certainly shall.

I feel sorry for all the kids who had no idea what their parents were planning for them when they arrived here. 

Makes me just love America with a car in every driveway for every family member of driving age.  No high speed rail or conscientious alternatives to getting in that automobile and driving.  An electrical device to open a can; because God knows, we must save our wrists.  Does anyone hang the wash out on the clothesline anymore?  Here in America, we have (very boring) subdivisions that have bylaws against outside clothes drying.  The list goes on and on; how many ways we can be lazy, stupid and unconscionable.

I like to kvetch about how our carbon footprint is as big as the grand canyon, at this point in time.  It is very sad to watch how we, in our quest for really stupid items (money, convenience, etc.) have basically destroyed what certainly must be very rare indeed, a garden in space. 

When I move to a real city, I will give yet another car away so I don't have to take part in the madness any longer.  It won't do me any good in the big picture, but I'll feel better walking everywhere, or taking a streetcar. 

Today is a blizzard.  By mid March, we'll probably have at least one eighty degree day, like we did last year.  It's frightening and sad to experience the chaos and to know just how many of us simply don't care at all.  Or deny our part in this downfall.

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