Friday, March 29, 2013

What Fools these Wisconsinites Be

Well, job data is in and Scott Walker's promise to create 250,000 jobs is what we all, who didn't vote for him, knew at the beginning - NEVER going to happen.  In fact, Wisconsin is losing jobs daily.  In fact, no one would open a business in Wisconsin because of the fools in charge here.  We really ought to change our state motto to "America's Dummyland". 

I can't wait to leave this armpit of a state  --- Wisconsin makes Louisiana look like the epitome of ethical politics.  That, my friends, speaks volumes, because we all know that southern politics are enmeshed in corruption.

Well, what can you do?  The country is going down, and Wisconsin seems to be leading the march to its death.  I really am a little happy to see the United States faltering; we've been so arrogant, so empirical and so unfair for so long, one with any kind of moral consciousness welcomes the signposts that decline is at hand.  We know that democracy simply does not exist here any longer.  What we're left with is practically unspeakable. 

Yet, people like Scott Walker get elected.  I can only believe its because Wisconsinites are pretty damn stupid.  One does not buy a car based on the promises of the manufacturer.  One takes it for a test drive and does some research.  If the people in Wisconsin would do their homework, they would have known Scott Walker is an idiot, incapable of progressive thought.  But they didn't do their homework or research and now we're stuck with a total moron running the show. 

As long as ideology rules the day, idiots will rule the land. 

No one in politics has come up with an idea worth expanding in a long long time, except, maybe, Barack Obama and his health care plan.  But the people opposed to Obamacare will fight it because they are actually enjoying being robbed by insurance companies. 

When you don't even have a clue about who is sticking what to you, you are doomed to go down in flames.  Shame on the people of Wisconsin for being as dumb as they are.  That they are dumb by choice is a statement on the pathetic condition of Wisconsin's collective intellect.


AlexisAR said...

I don't wish to becontrary, but maybe in less thanfour years, things will get better. Then again, maybe they won't, but where there's life, theere's hope. Maybe. I hope, anyway.
I'm only eighteen, so i'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. But who can blame you for wanting to leave Wisconsins, as beautiful as it is?

Citizen X said...

I certainly hope you're right! At least, if we can vote this clown out of office, Wisconsin might return to being a progressive kind of place! You have youth on your side and I hope your generation cares enough to make the changes necessary to return the United States to democracy You are our future so always take it seriously!

George Possley said...

Thanks for your frank comments. I can't understand either why people would prefer the Health Insurance industry stealing their money while they fanatically rail against Obamacare. It makes no sense and it makes the words "idiot" and "moron" applied to Scott Walker and those who support him totally appropriate.

Citizen X said...

I don't know what it is about people, but they latch onto an idea, and no matter how wrong the idea is, they can't be dissuaded. I believe they are merely honoring their calling to remain ignorant all their lives.