Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Makes Me Happy?

The thought that Barack Obama will take off his kid gloves and come out swinging.  It will be difficult, but in his second term, with little to lose, he needs to stand tall among the small-minded people in congress and not take any $hit.

The thought that the Koch brothers, Donald Trump and lots of empty-headed billionaires just like them spent lots and lots of money.....for NOTHING.....makes me glad down to my bone marrow.  They should have saved those dollars; they'll need them when their tax breaks finally expire.  Can't happen soon enough.

The thought that Mitt Romney won't have a chance to further damage global relations.

The knowledge that Planned Parenthood, ObamaCare, PBS, and Roe v. Wade is safe, at least for another four years.

Mostly what makes me the very happiest is that I am not alone; that America has spoken and I'm not completely surrounded by rhetoric-spouting non-thinkers.


Anonymous said...

Good to see that Wisconsin came around and rejected Romney/Ryan. A little embarrassing when the VP candidate cannot deliver his home State? And I guess Scott Walker is no longer the great GOP hero either now. A shame though that Ryan gets to go back to Congress. Enough negativity. I'm going to celebrate.

Citizen X said...

I hear that! I just imbibed in some Margaritas as I feel the Latino vote was huge in this win.
Scott Walker is not only not the golden boy, he is in real trouble with his redistricting maps (which allowed republican pukes to regain the state senate. He also has to scramble to incorporate Obamacare, as he thought it would all disappear. Stay tuned to Wisconsin if you like comedy - Walker's going to provide plenty.

Anonymous said...

Still celebrating. The only problem is that the number of thumbs down on yahoo message boards has gone seriously way down. Since Obama got re-elected, it's impossible to have have jocular fun with the serious Conservatives on the message boards. It's as though the balloon just deflated in the space of a few minutes. You would think the serious Conservatives would still be out there battling with all their wit. I'm going to stay tuned to Wisconsin because it's less depressing all of a sudden. I like your blog because you tell it like it is (or at least how you think it is).

Citizen X said...

Thanks! Stay tuned to Wisconsin because Scott Walker is going to really find himself in deep kimshee very shortly. An empty head is always a liability.