Friday, November 16, 2012

Walker Just Plain Dumb

Walker is going to let the feds run the Obamacare program here in Wisconsin.  This may look like a bold stand to his political supporters.  Good old governor walker not going to participate in Obamacare on any level, but the truth is, Walker is too stupid to implement such an important program.  Those of us who understand Walker's cognitive limitations know that this is just too much for Scott's little brain to comprehend, so he MUST (by federal law) let someone else do it.  What clowns you people are who voted this moron into public office.  I seriously think people who call themselves "conservative" really are just as dumb as Walker is.  Conservative and stupid seem to be interchangeable here in Wisconsin.

And while we're at it, Wisconsin lost 6000 jobs in October of this year.  Falling a little short on his campaign promise to create 250,00 jobs.  Of course, people like Walker make promises they can't keep in order to get elected.  No big news there.  But the fact that this greasy little balding monkey pulled the wool over the eyes of so many people is just nauseating to a lot of Wisconsinites.  Ah well, are there any as blind as those who will not see? 

Walker and his creepy administration of sideshow freaks is a crime being perpetrated on all of us living in Wisconsin.  Some of us see it.  Lots of us don't.  But stay tuned.  The man is an intellectual disaster.  No longer the golden boy; Scott Walker is a greasy little monkey, too dumb to ever learn sign language much less read the writing on the wall.


Paul Kirby said...

May we assume you're not a fan of Scott Walker.

Citizen X said...

Yes, that's a safe assumption, but I've never been a fan of liars, cheats and anyone masquerading as something they're not. In Walker's case, a man.

Paul Kirby said...