Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Things to be Thankful For

1.  Obama won.

2.  Tax breaks for the uber-wealthy are ending.

3.  Food is awesome on Thanksgiving; especially when someone who really loves the holiday cooks it.

4.  You don't live on the east coast.

5.  You actually like your in-laws.

6.  You can make a conscious choice to avoid the family you like to avoid.
7.  It's football season.

8.  The Packers look more than adequate this season.

9.  You're off work for a few days (if you don't work retail).

10.  You don't have to go shopping on Black Friday, and who, in their right mind, would?


Paul Kirby said...

Don't know how you feel about the Walmart walkout on Friday but here's a link if you want to show your support.

Citizen X said...

I feel like Walmart is one of the worst things that ever happened to the United States. Proud to say I would never set foot in a business run like a cotton plantation in the 1800's.

Paul Kirby said...

Dont have a Walmart here, they took over ASDA in the UK some years ago when we lived there. Don't have ASDA here either but the experience of Walmart workers is pretty much replicated across many industries across the globe, so thumbs up to what you say. I'll be supporting them from here.