Monday, November 26, 2012

No Presidential Bid by Scott Walker

On behalf of human beings everywhere, Thank You, Scott Walker, for deciding against a run at the oval office.

My faith in humanity is renewed.  Some losers actually recognize their loser status.

Oh, and as far as Scott Walker not being the target of any investigation as he reported to the AP, how would he know?  John Doe investigations are "secret".  While his comrades fall left and right, I think Oil Can Scotty showed a remarkable lack of intelligence by making a statement like that.  But then, we can always count on him to say and do the most moronic thing possible.


Anonymous said...

You have to admit it would be intriguing.

Scott Walker would be the first John Doe President of the US.

I would love to see him run just to see his crushing defeat.

Citizen X said...

I'd rather see his feet crushed.

Sparkles said...

"Some losers actually recognize their loser status": classic.