Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Brilliant Idea

Come on, really?   Scott Walker's idea on how the republicans can win elections --- eliminate same day voter registration?


You can put an idiot in a suit.  You can elect the idiot to high public office.  You can invite the idiot to speak at the Ronald Reagan Library for Idiots.  But he is, and always will be, an IDIOT first and foremost.

Perhaps instead of trying to find ways to prevent people from voting against them, the republicans should invest some time and effort in making people want to vote for them.  Yeah.  Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

Calm down. I think that the first thing is that we have to understand that the average GOP voter is programmed to think that if the 1% is happy then riches will slowly trickle down. "Trickle down" economics has always pissed me off,m because all it really means is that the 1% will be peeing on you. The GOP is now searching for an Hispanic to be the spokesperson for the 1%. The lazy, fat, rich white males figured that the masses don't like being pissed on by them and so they think that the masses would prefer to be pissed on by their surrogate, Rubio.

Citizen X said...

I am calm! I figure a political party with this little imagination couldn't possibly find that many unimaginative people to vote for them. I could be wrong. It is, afterall, America.

Trickle down economics - yes, you've nailed it. Rich old white incontinent men. May they die off quickly.

AlexisAR said...

He needs to change the rules back to where only white males who own property can vote, and raise the minimum voting age to thirty for good measure. maybe he should equip all voter registration workers with Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint sample cards. Anyone whose skin is not at least as white as, say, ecru, is not allowed to register to vote. Period. That would solve the problems of Scott Walker and his GOP buddies, except that even some white males aren't buying his party's line of #&%*(@.