Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Mall At Christmas

Well, maybe because its pouring rain here in Milwaukee, but Mayfair Mall was relatively dead today, so I was able to breeze in and out and buy the last of my Xmas presents.  For a Unitarian, I don't even know why I celebrate Xmas.....oh that's right; I like to get presents.

The sermon at church today was The Addams Family Christmas, which was meant to look at how people survive the holidays with today's dysfunctional families.  It was the most entertaining sermon I've heard in awhile......and there certainly was a great deal of truth in it, i.e., warm and fuzzy families seem to only happy in the movies.  Genuine peace and joy only exist on Christmas cards.  Well, at least those things happen somewhere, right!

I guess I just have this bit of advice for people who dread their relatives.  Keep it simple.  Go in knowing what you're going into, in many cases, a mine field of emotional explosions.  Refuse to engage.  Probably the only thing worse than a Christmas Scrooge is a Christmas Hypocrite with their fake smile and phony warmth that chills to the bone.  Just remember, anything is tolerable for a few hours, even torture.  Eat cookies; this makes anything better!

And find someplace to enjoy the seasonal peace and joy.  For me, it's drinking 100% Kona coffee on Christmas morning, with my husband, opening our gifts to each other and preparing for an afternoon with his family; which is something I actually look forward to after years of dread and sadness with my own.

It is what it is. 


Enjoy it!

Personally, I like Festivus for the Rest of Us.  Especially the Airing of Grievances.  My biggest grievance will always be why do the unholy celebrate the holy days? 

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