Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sheriff Clarke Should Go Hat Shopping

Back in the news, Sheriff Clarke has now declared he will sue Milwaukee County if they take oversight of a correctional facility in Franklin away from him.

Huh?  Arm chair lawyering again.  Clarke has elevated himself to a position of power that clearly only exists in his own mind.

Sheriff Clark has enough troubles getting it right at the Milwaukee County Jail, i.e., prisoners are in serious danger because the medical staff there is inadequate.  And he's worried that some work will be taken away from him?  He ought to be relieved; but his narcissism doesn't allow for rational thought processes.

Sue Milwaukee County?  Of course, he'd be suing himself, which might not be a bad idea.

It is time for Sheriff Clarke to go.  Hat shopping seems to be his only functional behavior.  Sheriff Clarke should not only not be reelected, he should be summarily dismissed because the job is simply too much for him.  He has no leadership ability in that the entire Sheriff's Department lacks respect for him.  In fact, Sheriff Clarke has no respect from anyone.  Clarke's answer:  demand respect.  Respect cannot be demanded, it must be earned.

Sheriff Clarke is costing the taxpayers money.  Let's not pay anymore cash for a person who is clearly incompetent to perform the duties of his job.

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