Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Are You Doing?

I just made a pan of lasagna, and no skimping on the ingredients, for the homeless shelter for this evening's meal.  My husband and I do this regularly, and I started wondering what, if anything, others are doing to make this world a little less traumatic for someone.

What did you do this year to help take the terror out of Planet Earth?

Maybe you gave away your old clothes.  That is always good, people need clothes, even clothes that belonged to someone with no fashion sense whatsoever. 

Maybe you dropped some change into the Salvation Army's red bucket outside of Pick 'N Save. 

Maybe you donated your time and/or money to an organization in need.

Maybe you did just one little thing that didn't matter much, except to the one person for whom it mattered greatly.

Or maybe, like a lot of people out there, you did nothing.  Maybe you have the mindset of the 1%, that anyone can make it in this country and if you can't, well, you're not my problem, you're a victim of your own inertia.

I wonder if we ever stop to think about how one act of kindness or charity costs us very little, so why don't we do it more often? 

The holidays tend to bring out a more generous side to most people, but there are 51 other weeks out there when generosity stays at home.

I propose every "have" on the planet do one little thing, one small thing, each day to ease the suffering of less fortunate fellow earthlings.  I bet if we did, the world would be a brighter place, not only for the downtrodden, but for ourselves, as well.

Wonder what the Koch Brothers are doing tonight?  I'm sure they're on the phone to Washington screaming about tax hikes.  Don't be a Koch.  Make this your motto for 2013.

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