Wednesday, December 19, 2012


In the wake of yet another tragedy perpetrated by a mentally ill person with assault weapons, Sheriff Clarke is calling for armed officers and guards in every public place.

Uh huh......funded by whom?

Not that funding is the issue. 

The issue is the fact that guns are legal and people don't want the right to bear arms taken from them.  Well, it's time to abolish this right, has been for a long time in an ever-increasingly violent and mentally ill United States.  Sheriff Clarke is the poster boy for Tea Party Politics; how does this dude get elected as a democrat?  Hopefully, he's made a big enough horse's a$$ of himself in the past year that we won't have to deal with his particular brand of crazy much longer.

Sheriff Clarke likens the suggestion of gun control as  the "mind-set of sheep".  I'm proud to be a peaceful lamb.  Why is gun control so abhorrent to Sheriff Clarke?  Is it his wolf mind-set?  Does he like to put his deputies in danger everyday while people ride around with semi-automatic guns under their driver's seat?  Does he think more guns make a safer society, because really, if that's his mind-set than he has either flipped his holster or he can't see the forest for the trees.

Comparing gun control as a knee jerk reaction and something that should be resisted with the ferociousness of a junk yard dog is typical Clarke - laughable and ridiculous.  Seriously, a mental status exam needs to be ordered for this guy.  His lunatic is really showing.

Ban all guns.  Hunting will be allowed, but hunters will have to store their guns at a government warehouse and sign them in and out per hunting season.  Hand guns should be completely illegal, and anyone caught with a hand gun should serve five years in prison, mandatory.

And just so you know, Mr. Clarke, none of we "liberals" are exploiting what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School to further gun control legislation.  We're appalled at what happened.  We're appalled at the number of weapons available in our society, and we're appalled at the lack of mental health treatment available to those members of our society who desperately need it.  Like you.

Mr. Clarke further expresses the need to fund his crazy solution by cutting green programs and social safety nets.  This guy is a disaster, and he's being paid for it by Milwaukee County.  He posted all these comments on a Tea Party website, and now won't comment to the Journal/Sentinel reporter who is questioning his stand. 

My question is, did Sheriff Clarke post these comments, which are anti-humane, on County time?


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday Season. I check in here periodically because your "rants" are interesting and usually right on the mark. Plus I love sarcastic humor.

I hope you keep going strong through 2013 and you are finally freed from the evil Imperial Prince of WI in 2013 as well. I truly think that he would look more intelligent (and thinner) in prison stripes.

I liked your idea about banning all guns and having hunters sign them out from a storage facility. One thought that I had was that those living in remote areas might need a gun for survival. But then again, the ammo could be rationed. I don't think it takes a thousand bullets to down a deer.

Happy holidays and New Year.

Citizen X said...

Thank you for your kind wishes and nice compliments.

Yes, there must be some sane ground left in the country, somewhere. Here's hoping we can find it.

I like Chris Rock's answer: bullet control. Sell a box of ammo for $4,000 and gangsters would be shouting out "I'm gonna save up and pop a cap in your a$$. You just wait!

Happy Holidays!