Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tonette Walker Wants a New Kitchen

For what?

Does she cook a lot of state dinners?

Does the governor entertain anyone......besides wiener roasts on the back lawn?

Give me a break. 

What Tonette Walker, and all Stepford Wives, really need is a new life, not the Maple Grove Kitchen Project.

Has Tonette Walker confused herself with Jackie Kennedy, who redecorated the White House?  Here's a clue; Jackie probably never saw the inside of a kitchen in her life.

Wisconsin's first lady keeps trying to find causes that will give her some sort of credibility.......but this idea is pretty far off the radar when it comes to meaningful.  Let's see; Jackie had the White House redo and the Rose Garden, Rosalyn Carter had quality mental health treatment, Mrs. Obama has childhood obesity in her sights with the get up and move program, and here comes Tonette Walker with plans for a new (taxpayer funded) kitchen.

Sheesh.  What a hick town the whole State of Wisconsin has become.


AlexisAR said...

Is "Tonette" really her name? My mom said "Tonette" was also the name of a bad home perm product in the 1960'3. Even if it's the name her parents gave her, she should have garnered all the self-respect she could muster and had the name legally changed. No woman in her right mind would also herself to be known as "Tonette." Then again, no woman in her right mind would marry Scott Walker.

Citizen X said...

True true! But I can one up you! In 5th grade, my teacher, Mr. Perry, insisted on buying little black clarinet type instruments and starting a band. They were called "tonettes", and they made the worst noise you could imagine. Needless to say, the 5th grade band was not a rollicking success. Not unlike Mrs. Walker.