Saturday, December 1, 2012

Humble Pie

It must have been extremely difficult for Mitt Romney to walk into the White House, the prize he so doggedly and underhandedly tried to buy for himself, and have to be cordial to Barack Obama.

Chili and chicken salad aside, I believe Mitt ate huge bits of humble pie at that luncheon.  I think this is the answer for America.  Let's feed the rich magnificent servings of humble pie.  Mitt must have been psychologically devastated as he looked around the White House surroundings and then had to sit down to lunch with the current owner, a black man .  Barack is a very smart man.  Knowing when to twist the knife is an important skill.  A good president embodies diplomacy as well as a thorough understanding of psychological warfare.

Speaking of great statesmen, I saw the movie "Lincoln" last night.  This movie is so far beyond great and Oscar material, it's hard to find the right descriptors.  I can only say this, if you have half a brain, go see this as it is fascinating, even for non-history buffs like me.   Alas, for most Americans, this movie is going to be way over their red neck balanced heads.

One final note, actually, a word of warning to Scott Walker.  When you meet with the President next Tuesday, please keep your mouth shut.  You're an idiot and everytime you say something, that fact is verified.  So please shut up and let someone else do the talking.  Try not to pee on the rug, neither.


AlexisAR said...

I just read an article in which friends of Ann Romney shared that she spends a lot of time privately because she believed that she and Mitt were destined to ascend to the White house and his having some trouble coping with the reality.

i hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but some of what I've heard about the Romneys and about Karl Rove makes it seem like not too huge a stretch that maybe a plot to fix the Ohio machines really might have been aborted. In the end it wouldn't have mattered as long as that was the only state involved, as Obama would have won even without Ohio.

Citizen X said...

Well, Mrs. Romney doesn't have any grasp of reality at all, nor does anyone with the kind of obscene amounts of money that the Romney's have. The White House was a power trip for them, not any real intention to provide leadership to a floundering nation.

AlexisAR said...

i culd not agree more with your statement that the White house was a power trip for the Romneys as opposed to any real intention to provide leadership, although there may have been an element of that ridiculous Mormon White Horse Prophecy thrown into the mix. It must have been a rude awakening to both of them to discover that there was something that could not be bought with any amount of money, or at least couldn't be bought in this particular instance.

Citizen X said...

One of those rare, exotic moments where having a ton of money actually works against you.

Anonymous said...

Citizen X. I get the impression that you truly dislike the brainchild of the GOP ,Herr Walker. But it's not clear which you dislike more, Romney or Walker. For me, Romney, because he had the potential for more damage. Walker reminds me of the sneaky 6 year olds in my wife's classroom. Smart enough to be sneaky but stupid enough to get caught.

Citizen X said...

Walker reminds me of every character trait I despise. Romney reminds me greed, gluttony and sadism. Hard pressed to say which one I dislike more. Right not, it's John Boerner who annoys me most.