Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big and Beautiful Invitation

Well, I guess I'm offended.  I got an e-mail invitation to join other Big And Beautiful people in their quest for a date.

Gees.  Who would think ten pounds would catapult me into this category?  I'm a little offended.  I'm also married and my husband frowns on me dating other men.  Maybe that's why he asked me for a date last night and took me out to hear some fine blues performed by masterful local musicians.  It was fun to go out on a date at the age of 61.  We need to do this more often.  We have movie dates and dinner dates once in awhile, but really good music in a club that served Dreamsicle cocktails using their own brewed orange soda was a little bit more fun.  I can't remember the last time my husband and I danced, so another wrong righted.  I even wore a dress.

I digress. 

Big and Beautiful dating website.  I didn't click on it, somewhat afraid of what I might see.  I'm thinking though that what the world needs is a little more honesty, so how about I create a dating web site called Aging, Annoyed and Argumentative looking for similarly Disgruntled.  I'm sure there are people out there my age who have lost their spouses and just can't seem to meet someone fun to hang with. 

Then again, there is a quiet dignity in solitude and memory. 

Still, New Year's Eve, it would be fun to kick up our aching heels a little and get a midnight kiss.    Aging, Annoyed and Argumentative people everywhere, send me your profile information and I will try to match you with a compatible curmudgeon.  Note:  I have the world's worst track record in setting people up so this disclaimer absolves me from all hook up disasters.  I think I'm using that hook up phrase wrongly.  Or maybe not.  How feisty are the Aged, Annoyed and Argumentative?


Paul Kirby said...

I suppose there's some consolation in that it's a Big AND Beautiful site. I'd be tempted to email them back and ask "I'm Big boned but I look like Yoda's arse, do I still qualify?"

Citizen X said...

You're so funny! You've given me a thought for yet another lovelorn website: The Hot and the Hideous.