Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Behavioral Health Division Turned Over to State?

I agree that things aren't working well at the Behavioral Health Division.  This is what happens when administrations are in power too long; they become stagnant and mired in their own dysfunction.  The administration at BHD seems overly concerned with their own bull$hit behaviors and not at all engaged in patient well-being.  Hopefully, an investigation will uncover all of the ridiculous activities BHD administration has enmeshed itself in, to the detriment of patient care.  I can only hope the investigators know exactly where to look for evidence.

But to let Dennis Smith and the Department of Health and Human Services take over; well, we might as well just put in the order for leg and neck irons now and start building the snake pit.  Dust off the lobotomy tools and start spreading straw on the floors of the locked wards to soak up the urine. 

Dennis Smith is a uncompassionate, over-employed crony of Scott Walker.  Birds of a feather; in this case, cuckoos, stick together.    Sufferers of mental illness deserve compassionate care; which is not likely to be granted at the state level in its current incarnation.  What is sad is that the poor people who end up at BHD can't count on any real support at the local level, either.   I can't remember the last compassionate act performed by the State of Wisconsin; possibly a supreme court justice merely choke holding a fellow jurist rather than killing her, but that is truly all that comes to mind.

I digress.  BHD is a mess and its long overdue that someone looks long and hard at the institution and proposed significant changes to its operation. What has happened at BHD in the past few years is a tragedy, and a travesty of justice for the many people who just can't get help anywhere else.

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