Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Black Hills

I'm embarassed to admit it, but I've never been to the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota, even thought its only two states from where I live.  Well, three if you count the state I live in, which I have to traverse.

So, I'm going to the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota, land of Rocky Racoon and a bunch of stone carved dead presidents.  I hear it's beautiful.  I'm glad I'll get to see it myself, from the cabin my husband and I rented somewhere up on a mountain. 

Going to spend some time with family I don't get to see much; so I hope to make the most of this trip and really reconnect with people I love dearly. 

Which means......I'll miss voting in Tuesday's election.  But here's my take.  Voting doesn't matter; the politicians are all pawns of the uber-wealthy, and so whomever is in office, if they're not corrupt already, they'll stand a real good chance of getting their palms greased, real soon.  The honest ones don't stand a chance, so what's the point?

Cynical I know.

Here's my answer for America.  TAX THE RICH AT 75%.  I just love that idea.  They'll either pay up and only own two handbags worth $25,000 each, or they'll move.  Either way, the citizens of the United States who aren't rich will WIN BIG!  It's like the lottery, and everyone's a winner. 

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