Thursday, August 2, 2012

American Business - Or - Why This Country is Dangerously Teetering on Collapse

I bought a new dining table from a major retailer.  Three tables arrived, before one actually looked the way it was supposed to and had a leaf that actually fit. 

I bought a new dryer.  Two dryers arrived before one actually worked.

I bought my husband a Swiss watch, water resistant to 100 meters.  After swimming (just on the surface mind you) the watch was full of condensation and the workings were ruined.  No problem.  Under warranty, right?  WRONG.  And the company will not honor the warranty because they say we damaged the watch.  Bull$hit.  (Note - after an intelligent but heated conversation with someone at the senior management level, they will now replace the watch.)

In America, the quality of merchandise is so sub-par, so shoddy, so junkish, that you have to search high and low to find items you'd even think to put in your home or wear.  But this is American business.  The American businessman's credo:  Stick it to the consumer by raking in huge profits.  This is accomplished by selling over priced $hit of dubious quality.  Most importantly, make promises, but never honor warranties.

American business, and I mean this in every sense of the word, is a complete grift operation.  If someone is trying to sell you something, remember, they are just perpetrating a huge con on you.

And now we think it is a good idea to elect businessmen, the very pillars of cheating, lying bastards, to our government seats. 

Sheesh, Americans are stupid.  And getting more stupid with every dime they spend.

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