Tuesday, August 7, 2012

White Supremacy?

Why do people think they're superior because of the color of their skin?  Especially people today whom are massively covered with ink tatoos? 

It makes me wish we were all smurf blue; but I'm convinced that haters would still find some insignificant difference upon which to focus all their intolerance.  Human beings need to hate someone, especially American human beings.  It's drummed into us from an early age that we're better, more special than anyone else.  What a pile of patriotic dung.

Listen, people, minorities are not the cause of the problems of the United States.  This country is under seige from the richest 1%; they are the root cause of our most fundamental problems.  You should fear someone carrying a $25,000 handbag far more than you fear someone with a different skin color or style of dress, for these wasters are the true enemies of democracy.

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