Monday, August 20, 2012

Paul Ryan

I can't stand this man.  He is the republican agenda all wrapped up in a clean-cut serial killer package.  There isn't, as Art Kumbalak reminds us, a scientific fact this horse's a$$ can't wrestle to the ground and piss all over.

How he got to be on the presidential ticket is very telling; morons want other morons to lead them.

What we need to do (we being the intelligent and thoughtful people of this country) is to secede and start our own country.  It should be somewhere there is a lot of fresh water because, unlike what most Americans think, it will all come down to water --- not oil, not gold and certainly not money.  Yes, it would be a precursor to civil war.  So?  The Romney/Ryan ticket will bring a bloody class war wherein we'll all die, but only after they've systematically squeezed every last dime out of us and all of our children.

If these two yokels get anywhere near power, stop reproducing!  Oh well, what will that matter?  These two bozos will probably end civilization anyhow.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. Any who, I'm not sure if you know this news, but that ugly dumbo-ears paul ryan received Social Security Survivors benefits until he was 18 years old. And, he used that Social Security Survivors money to put himself through college. What a big-time douche!

Citizen X said...

Thank you for this very telling information. It's amazing how big a hypocrisy the republican hacks in this country perpetuate. Every word they say is a lie. Unfortunately, Amerika is made up of even bigger liars, so these f*cks get away with behavior the rest of us find appalling.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2: I like this blog as well because you use a few words to describe my feelings about this horrible party. Ryan is supposed to be the intellect of the GOP and the guy is a certified idiot. Like Romney, there is no lie that he will not tell to promote his evil plans. I feel for the good people who tried to keep the third idiot, walker, from having any position in WI. For the people who voted for him, you will get your just desserts.

Citizen X said...

You know, the really sad thing is that when you give idiots exactly what they deserve; they're too dumb to get the irony. Still, I would love to have the super power of giving people EXACTLY what they need; whether they know they need it or not.