Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ron Johnson and David Koch

These two tea bags had the audacity to have a meal together in Tampa.  If I'd been the waiter, I'd have bitch slapped the both of them and told them to eat $hit.

Seriously, did you people who voted for Ron Johnson really have any idea that his only interest in politics was to preserve the status quo for the uber wealthy, of which YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER?  Of course you didn't, you idiots.  Your lack of knowledge of what is really happening politically in this state and in this country is exceeded only by your lack of understanding that you're not F*CKING rich.  You're not even close to being rich.....but then the Republican's motto is definitely "a fool who thinks he's rich and his money are soon parted".  You freaking morons!

Ron Johnson is a horse's ass, who obviously enjoys the company of bigger horse's asses, like David Koch. 

Whatever these two were plotting, let's hope someone much smarter is plotting something much more meaningful.

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