Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey Walker - Who Gives A _____?

In the rag known as The Milwaukee Journal today, Scott Walker is given a huge column wherein he describes his conversations with his ghost-like wife about whether or not to endorse a Republican candidate for the senate seat being vacated by Herb Kohl.

First of all, all four Republican candidates are unbelievably ridiculous tea bag agenda, talk out of both sides of their mouths (the other side being their A$$es).  Any critical thinker in Wisconsin would immediately dismiss anything our idiot governor had to say on any subject.  A Scott Walker endorsement, especially one wherein he entertained the opinion of his vapid and not-quite-there wife, couldn't be less meaningful.  That this debate made front page news is proof positive Scott Walker and the first shadow lady, have nothing to do or say up there in Maple Bluff.  They should stick to what they do best, i.e., puppeteering.  Without the corporate hands up their a$$es, they can't speak to anything.  Bad enough they look like idiots when the hand IS controlling them; they should never be left to their own devices to say anything. 

But let's say they do endorse a candidate.  Guess who it will be?  My money is on Jeff Fitzgerald,who shares the same vacant stare and lack of character as our disingenous governor and his simpering wife. 

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