Sunday, August 5, 2012

NRA Alive and Well in Oak Creek

Okay, so now we have members of the Sikh community being gunned down in their temple in that most bucolic of suburbs, Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

No siree, Bob, we don't need no gun control. 

Think about how sick our society is.  These mass shootings are becoming commonplace.  And the NRA pushes their agenda to arm, arm, arm.

No No No.  We need gun control.  More importantly, we need massive mental health care for all members of our society.  We're all nuts to watch this on t.v., accept this as part of living in this society.  What is wrong with America?  Surely we can start to find that answer by looking at the NRA and their violent agenda. 

Our country's economic viability seems to be dependent on our armed forces being engaged in violent actions anywhere in the world where a buck can be made.

Everything about America reeks of violence, blood and money.  We are degenerating quickly, and soon, all of that violence, blood and money will be karmically present in all of our lives.

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