Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crybaby Walker

Scott Walker was photographed crying his eyes out during Paul Ryan's speech.  Walker is such a dumb f*cking crybaby.

Most major news wires are exposing Paul Ryan's speech to the RNC as full of blatant lies.  Ryan is a dumb f*ck who is counting on his devoted followers to be even dumber. 

Wisconsin citizens elected these two doofasses because a majority of Wisconsin citizens are also doofasses who would rather believe in the comfort of a political lie than deal with the reality of the problems this country actually faces.

I am so glad I'm leaving Wisconsin.  This isn't the land of cheeseheads, it's the land of total $hitheads.  Wisconsin should get kicked out of the United States for being too stupid.  Wisconsin should be exiled and become its own country of $hitheads and Morons.  Wisconsin should be the dumping ground for nuclear waste, since there's nothing left here worth saving.  Wisconsin should be ashamed of itself. 

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