Friday, February 19, 2016

Trump vs. the Pope

In a rare show of diplomacy, Donald Trump didn't respond with his usual verbal slurs against the Pope.  (Must not offend the Catholic vote.)

My big worry is that Donald Trump's wall along the border will do less to keep people out than it will prevent people from leaving.  And as this presidential campaign year proceeds, I think I'd really like to leave this country.  I think a lot of people would like to leave the country.  I think a lot of people are saying, "what country"?

In defense of President Obama not going to Scalia's funeral --- a big who cares.  I admire Obama for not being a hypocrite.  Besides, I heard anyone gazing at Scalia's corpse could suffer corneal burns in a last show of power by the leading dog of useless dogma.

Ted Cruz is still the scariest candidate out there. 

My heart says Bernie, but my head says deconstruct, not detonate. 

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