Friday, October 21, 2016

Message to Female Donald Trump Supporters

Dear Donald Trump Female Supporters.

This isn't going to be nice.

Obviously, you're a racist.  I guess I've had my suspicions all along, based on the white enclaves you live in and your pretense of respect for your black co-workers.  I've seen you bite your tongue when the "n" word was there on the tip, but you haven't really fooled me.

Most of you are of a certain demographic - probably coming of age in the fifties and sixties, when Mad Men like behavior was the norm.  You never got the message that women don't have to take this abuse, and you seem to have tied it up in your mind that the derogatory behavior was somehow associated with how "cute" you are (or were then).  You're not.  It's a disgrace to be humiliated by men - and by humiliated I mean, called "honey" or "sweetheart", patted, petted, touched and double ententre'd.  So no - you weren't cute when you weren't putting a stop to it.  You were perpetuating the limitless bounds of your sexual objectification.  You totally missed the whole feminist movement, and that had to be by choice because those of us who chose to follow this movement wholeheartedly, would have never missed something so important and obvious.  Kind of like how you jumped on the Trump bandwagon without a thought in your well-schooled, but nevertheless empty heads of what a perverse act that might actually be.

You don't like Mexicans and Muslims.  In fact, you don't like anybody who isn't pretty much the same as you are, which goes a long way in explaining how f*cking one dimensional you all are.  Why, I'm reminded of the movie Stepford Wives, where the women lived to please their men, and were completely changed into sexually perfect, house cleaning and husband appeasing robots.  There isn't much difference between you and the Stepford ladies.  I just fail to see the significance of your robotics.  Why are you following a sickening dogma put forth by a disgusting male?  Oh, I get it.  Let's take the country back a hundred years, where men were men and women were chattel. Barefoot and pregnant is at your root, along with a maternal desire to serve your man no matter what.  Revolting.  A huge embarrassment for we sisters who have blazed the trails to get further up the second class citizen ladder.  We probably haven't been able to get to equality because of idiots like you, standing in the way of your own kind.  You should be ashamed of your behavior, but you're incapable of even seeing it.  Were you all born with some inherent man worship gene?

You're mostly upper middle class and you're sick of paying taxes.  You are completely oblivious, or choose to remain completely oblivious that it's not the poor you're paying for, it's the rich.  You desire to be as rich as Donald Trump, without any understanding of the moral dilemma someone like Donald Trump poses.  You believe he'll take you there --- by ferreting out all safety nets and programs for the poor, and elevating you to billionaire status by tax breaks and allowing you to keep more of your hard earned cash.  News Flash!!!!  The last thing a billionaire wants is more billionaires taking a piece of the holy grail cash pie.  You are such morons to not grasp this.

You don't like immigrants.  Not one of you is an indigenous person in this land, but you have failed to comprehend that your third generational status does not make you an "American".  In fact, the only real proof you're an American is that you have houses and cars designed to show off your status, filled with goods you don't use and don't even understand why you bought in the first place.  That's what makes you an American.  Your conspicuous consumption - nothing else.  And you wonder why I, too, won't stand for the National Anthem.  I'll go to jail before I'll salute anything to do with you.

Lastly, just drop dead.  Just die.  Just go away.  You're a disgrace to women who actually have suffered and sacrified to make this world a better place.  As appalling as you find us, we find you at least seven levels below human.

And no - I don't have any respect for your opinions, or your rights to them - much the same way I would not have had any respect for Hitler in Nazi Germany.

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