Monday, October 17, 2016

The Irony - Donald Trump Claims He's Being Bullied

After a fairly awful week of some of the worst political moments in the history of the United States, I'm so ready to immigrate ANYWHERE that will have me.

Donald Trump is claiming he's losing the election because of bad press and crooked Hillary.  Typical narcissistic behavior - it's NEVER anything the narcissist did, NEVER.  That's the interesting trait of narcissists and the one that makes them easy to spot.

Trump supporters are threatening violence and revolution if Hillary wins --- unprecedented stupidity, although the thought of Trump supporters being rounded up and placed in internment camps presents a rather interesting picture and not one altogether dissatisfying.

What I find most interesting about all of this is Trump has never laid out a plan for any of the issues currently facing America.  He's got plans and they're gonna be great!  That's his plan.  But he hasn't really shared them.  The blind faith his followers possess remind me of the Reverend Jimmy Jones down in Guyana, the David Koresh followers in Waco, Texas, the crazy end of world alien awaiting people in California.  I'm trying to remember when I ever suffered blind faith, just following someone for no real good reason.  I can't think of one.  Even my parents, who were less than stellar in their understanding of the universe, were creatures of great suspicion to me, as a child.  Maybe the Beatles. At thirteen, I loved all their music, bought every album and never questioned their genius.  That's probably my only experience with blind faith.  Turns out, I wasn't wrong about that, but the planet's integrity did not really hang in the balance, either.

As the world watches us with dismay and disbelief, we continue to be hopelessly enmeshed in the worst kind of reality television.  The Presidency of the United States should not be reduced to a ratings contest, it should be decided on the issues and the proposed solutions.

News flash:  Donald Trump doesn't have any solutions and doesn't begin to understand, nor address the issues.

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