Thursday, October 13, 2016

Should One Lose Friends Over a Presidential Election?

I get more and more upset when I see posts supporting Donald Trump by well-educated women, some my friends.

I don't know how to handle this.  I live in a traditionally republican, very conservative part of the United States, where women don't read newspapers and don't watch the news.  If they do watch the news, it's Fox Propaganda Network news.  If they do read a newspaper, its a local rag unfit to call itself a newspaper.

I would hate to lose a friend over an election - but I am really starting to hate keeping my tongue civil. It seems its very important to expose Donald Trump for the unsuccessful, racist bigot, thief, misogynist that he is.  I try to do so politely, but what's the point.  Why should Donald Trump be treated with anything but the utmost contempt?  That is how I view Donald Trump.

I'm not a great big Hillary Clinton fan by any means.  She's too Washington entrenched, too rich, too Wall Street for my tastes ---- but she is by far the only candidate I can vote for.  And it is a bit of poetic justice, isn't it, to have a son-of-a-bitch womanizer like Donald Trump be beaten by a woman?

But going back to the original question - will I lose friends over this?

I think I probably will lose a few.  I can forgive the friends I have who make a conscious choice to remain unschooled on the finer points of business and politics.  They are the real women of the world, caught up in a myriad of day to day concerns and worries.  The friends I will lose are the white, very successful, very educated women who should f*cking know better.  They live in their all-white enclaves, they've never even spoken to a Mexican (unless it was in a Mexican restaurant), they lie about the abortions they "never" had, they call themselves holy, when really, their holiness is based on their income brackets.  We all know these women.  Oh, and I forgot the big one.  They DON'T LIKE TO PAY TAXES.  They're greedy and as despicable as Donald Trump.  So I'm not worried about losing them.  I'm kind of happy about it.

So yes --- gonna lose some friends.  But my integrity will stay intact which is far more important to me than tax breaks and shopping.

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