Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sarah Palin's Endorsement of the Trumperator Says It ALL!

Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump proves that even when you are exposed as an unintelligent fraud, if you're Republican enough, you still believe you can attain a high place in politics.  (See David Vitter.)  Such shameless pandering, as her family continues to defy all of her high falutin'  principles and mores.  Sarah should stay home and clean her house.  She might not be well suited to that task, but it seems to fit with her level of experience and aptitude.  There's honor in getting rid of dust bunnies and Sarah could definitely use some honor.  Not quite sure if dust bunnies in the brain can be removed, though.

The Trumperator continues to spew venomous word salad, sending the thinking people in the United States a clear message, "I'm a Menace, Don't Vote for Me".  Although he once had his hands on clearly one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world, The Plaza Hotel in New York City, he managed to muck it up and lose it.  This is a clear analogy for what his presidency would look like.  But I really don't think we have anything to worry about here.  I hope he does get the nomination, because every single time he opens his trap, it becomes crystal clear he's out of his league.  He has no real plan for constructive change in the United States; but he has many violent and destructive ideas for bringing about the end of this country. 

I have certain reservations about Hillary Clinton ---- she's too established in the dysfunction and she's too close to Wall Street.  But knowing that Bernie Sanders can't win the nomination (and I'm extremely sad about that), she is most likely to be the candidate.  I cannot wait to see an intelligent woman take on the loud mouth Trumperator in a non-Fox Theatre News environment.  She'll have his back against the wall in no time, and his misogyny will take over any part of his brain that actually functions normally, small as that part might be.

Like most Americans, I'm pretty depressed about America's future.  But I'm not insane enough to think a vote for the Trumperator could ever be a good idea.

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