Monday, January 4, 2016

The Big Short

Came out of the movie "The Big Short" feeling disgusted and horrified by the United States of America.

I finally can identify with all the people who'd like to bring us down.

I'd like to bring us down.

It's a tragic nation that pawns it's own people in the name of a buck, but that's who we are.

It's an oligarchy we live in, and we are mere inches from becoming a completely totalitarian state. 

I don't have an answer, but I believe there's a reason they let us have all those guns ---- to mow us down when we finally say enough is enough and try to rid ourselves of the vermin who put us here.

This once great land has become something very horrifying.  I wish I didn't live here, but the evil reach is so great, that there is really no where one can go to escape the treachery of America.

It's true what I'm saying - the United States of America is the evil empire.  And those of you who will defend this nation, you need to wake up, arm yourselves, stop paying taxes and do your civic duty to rid this land of the carpetbaggers who are running it.

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