Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Affluenza, as a Defense?

Seriously, a teenager from Texas kills four people in a drunk driving accident, and his defense is he was coddled by wealthy parents and therefore didn't understand the consequences of driving drunk.  He suffered from Affluenza?

What a screwed up country.  They found this moron in Mexico, hiding out with his mother to avoid jail time.   I hope they will both serve some time in jail for being "above the law", as rich people so often think they are.  I also hope they both get their a$$es kicked while there.

But poor people everywhere can learn from this.  If being too rich is a defense, then so must being too poor.

Next Christmas,  the must have gift for affluent girls everywhere should be  Pover Tina.  She cries for food almost continually.  She's covered in a rash from lack of medical treatment, her legs are bowed from citrus deficiency, her hair is sparse and she comes with a shopping cart full of cans.  Rich girls must be taught how privileged they are, and Pover Tina is the doll to do it.  Let a little rich girl pretend she's poor for awhile.  Put her on the street with Pover Tina and her shopping cart.  Don't let her come home until she's fed herself three meals out of garbage cans, and she's collected 180 more aluminum cans.  A night in a homeless shelter is required before being allowed back in the manor house.

And for poor little girls everywhere,  unlimited credit cards paid for by the Koch Brothers, Donald Trump, The Bush Family, All Hedge Fund Managers, the Kardashians (retch) and all professional quarterbacks in the NFL; bringing joy and shopping experience for girls whose otherwise store of choice is Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul.  I'd love to enforce a program called "Get your Christmas Spirit On or Get Your Rich Ass Kicked Out of My Country". 

This is why I probably should never run for public office.  To quote Leonard Cohen:

"I don't believe you'd like it, you wouldn't like it here.
There ain't no entertainment, and the judgments are severe".

The French were not far off the track guillotining the aristocracy.  We need to think about a solution for our Wealthy. 

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