Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Trumperator

Jesus, Joseph and Mary, if Donald Trump's campaign rallies end in brawls, imagine what it will be like to have this Nimrod holding his finger over the button!  It will be necessary for the NSC to have a goon squad around him at all times to prevent a nuclear response to every problem that arises.  Perhaps the genius psychologists of the APA can design hand cages for him to prevent such an occurrence. 

I just can't imagine such an unintelligent human being as leader of the free world.  If you can, then I'd like to know your definition of "free world".

What really makes me very sad is the amount of coverage the Trumperator is receiving.  How ridiculous we must seem to the world, and what a target he's making America for terrorist cells everywhere.

I'm rabidly opposed to violence and those who would perpetuate violent acts, starting with war.  I believe the National Rifle Association is a terrorist cell.  I'm appalled by the idiots who don't have a clue about the second amendment, but spout their ignorance repeatedly.   It's why I dislike the Bush family as much as I do.  It's why people like Dick Cheney and his Halliburton make me physically ill.  It's why I want George W. and Dick Cheney to be tried as war criminals.   It's why I no longer trust the police (especially in Louisiana). 

If there is a sure way to bring America down, it's to have someone like the Trumperator at it's helm......and in view of how far this country has fallen from it's original inception, perhaps bringing down America is not such a bad idea.  I'd just prefer not to die because some f*cking moron with bad hair plugs managed to buy himself the presidency.

Let's start a rumor.  Donald Trump has an itchy trigger finger.  Everybody RUN, the Donald's got a GUN.

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Anonymous said...

It's really embarrassing to think that these Republican "debates" are beamed around the rest of the world. I had to turn off the "debate" last night because it was so disgusting when Trump and Carson talked about killing innocent civilians. Disgusting group of people on stage; each one disgusting in a different way.