Thursday, January 14, 2016

Louisiana's Lousy Designation

Further proof of the fiasco and debacle that was Bobby Jindal's legacy as Governor of Louisiana, the state was just rated absolutely LAST  ..... DEAD LAST in quality of life for state residents!

From bad roads to high crime and number of deaths by gunshot, Louisiana thrives!  From uninsured people to obesity rates, Louisiana soars!  (I kind of understand the obesity thing - the food here is really good, and mostly deep-fried).  From it's ridiculously poor education system to its business-friendly, citizen-hating state policies, Louisiana ranks at the very bottom of the bottom feeders.

And Bobby Jindal says he doesn't regret or second guess any decision he's made.  What a moron - just proving Ivy League universities, such as Brown, can really turn out a devastatingly stupid product.  This guy was so dumb, he thought he was a viable presidential candidate.

But enough about Jindal.  The damage is done, and it will be up to John Bel Edwards to try to right the misanthropy of the former administration.  He seems to be on the right track. 

What is amazing is that states like Wisconsin,  Texas, Nebraska, Kentucky, Kansas, and Oklahoma to name a few, have populations that embrace the enormous mental retardation their governors exemplify.  I apologize for the seemingly negative connotation of that statement, because comparing these Governors to mentally retarded people is an insult and a slur to mentally retarded people everywhere.  These Governors bring a ridiculously slanted agenda to a public office, and then destroy healthy economies to perpetuate their own wrong thinking, if it can be called thinking at all.

I think if a Governor of a state drives that state into economic depression, he/she should be held personally responsible and forced to pay for the shortfalls in budget from their own pocket.  Then Bobby Jindal would be living in the Treme instead of at University Club, a high end sub-division full of ticky tacky houses and drunk drivers.  Of course, the good people of Treme would not want Bobby Jindal as a neighbor.  However, it would be a fitting neighborhood for Jindal and his family --- they could dodge bullets as so many here have to do because of his regressive gun laws. 

I'm sorry that Louisiana is rated last in the Country --- sorry and surprised because of the vast natural resources of the state.  Obviously, exploitation of the land by politicians is nothing new to Louisiana ---- but a democratic governor is.  Let's hope, fervently, that some positive changes will be coming to Louisiana via John Bel Edwards.

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