Wednesday, November 4, 2015

From the Ashes

When I moved to Louisiana, I shelved writing posts for this blog.  I didn't know much about Louisiana politics, and it was too frustrating to keep writing about Scott the Clown Walker and the disaster that Wisconsin became.  I fled it all and took up alcohol.

I spent a bunch of time in New Orleans, eating and drinking, and enjoying my new laid back, down south lifestyle.  Listening to music became more important to me than commenting on the morons who manage to get themselves elected, or any other issue of the day.

Turns out, I have a big mouth and a poison pen and I should use them, if for no other reason than to expose the frauds out there and excoriate the most deserving.  There are a few!

Everything I need to know about Louisiana politics I've seen in every clich√© ridden movie about the south.  From the police chief in Sorrento who handcuffed a female prisoner to a chair and forced her to perform a sex act, to the voodoo exorcist dark prince known as Bobby Jindal, Louisiana politics are rife with fodder for someone like irreverent typist with a nose for ridiculousness and a contempt for hypocrisy. 

Thank goodness it's going to be a presidential election year.  The material just doesn't stop.  We're also electing a new governor here in Louisiana, so I have plenty of opportunities to expose you all to my jaded and contemptuous opinions.

In other words............I'm baaaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkkk!

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