Saturday, November 21, 2015

No Sweeter Music to my Ears!

I hear the sobs of a couple of billionaires over the fact that all the money they poured into Louisiana was so much waste water over the levees.

There just isn't any greater joy in my life than to see financial bullies NOT get their way.  Money can't buy everything.  Not that it makes much difference to them......with the obscene personal fortunes of the Koch's, the loss is really no more than a drop in a bucket.  But they have lost far more than money......and that is what sticks in their collective craws and makes me want to put on the Zydeco music and start dancing.

Congratulations to John Bel Edwards, who is surely a more rational choice for Governor than was David Vitter.

I imagine part of the victory of a democratic candidate winning in a notoriously red state is largely attributed to the fact that Louisiana, with its vast natural resources, still lags far behind financially from where it should stand.  This bespeaks years and years of Republican mismanagement and rhetoric over reason. 

I hope that soon Louisiana will be known not so much for the rabidly right wing politics of Duck Dynasty, but for the integrity we all hope John Bel Edwards will bring to the office of Governor.

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