Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Assaults on Planned Parenthood

I really am sick to death of Republican right wing fanatics trying to regulate every aspect of my sexuality, including the right to bear children, or NOT to bear children.  For a group of people who demand less government, I don't quite understand their overwhelming need to crawl up inside wombs and regulate the 28 day cycle.

Here is an idea --- why not regulate the obviously overactive and aggressive testosterone level in every male in every country by surgically removing a testicle.   How about that for an answer to all the wars, all the need to make things go KA POW, all the craziness that makes grown men want to kill women and children.  If aliens ever came to me and asked what could help Earth be more peaceful, this is what I would tell them.

Or better yet, when white males who own a lot of guns think reproductive services are in their realm of expertise and is their domain to regulate; why not tie them down and remove both testicles.  This could be a new service offered by Planned Parenthood, one of controversy born of necessity.  IDSIMAWBB.  The new medical procedure for men intent on controlling women.  IDSIMAWBB is an acronym for "I'm Dickless So I May As Well Be Ball-less". 

The constant attack on women's reproductive rights is symbolic of how threatened these men are by half the species.  Women need to unite right now and threaten these Henry The VIII types with testicular amputation.  Women should arm ourselves with guns and start the notching out process of how many testicles we take out every week.  This sounds like great fun to all women everywhere who have been bullied, battered and oppressed for generations.  You so-called men out there better take heed.  Every dog has its day.

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