Friday, November 20, 2015

Thank God It's Almost Over (that is, the Louisiana Governor's Race)

I am SO very happy that tomorrow is election day.  Negative politicking is getting to be too much for most citizens to stomach.

Frankly, as in most elections, I'm not voting for anyone, but merely against the worst candidate.  Last person I voted for was Obama.  Thank goodness lots of people voted with me there!  Twice. 

My choices are:

David Vitter, a diaper wearing, prostitute visiting, good ol' boy who was rated one of the worst U.S. Senators in history.  But he learned from his mistakes.  (If that was true, he wouldn't be running for anything but the Atchafalya and a life of Cajun anonymity.)  David Vitter is a huge embarrassment to the State of Louisiana.  Apparently the only one who's not embarrassed by David Vitter is David Vitter.

John Bel Edwards - a relatively stable human being with a less than stellar agenda.  I really don't like the Muslim-fearing, refugee-refusing pandering to the rednecks, but I guess all's fair in hate and politics.  At least, he might bring something new to the State Capitol --- which is stagnant in its mediocrity, dysfunction, corruption and ineptitude. 

My vote will go to John Bel Edwards, not because I'm for him..., but because he simply poses the least of possible menaces to the wonderful people of this beautiful state.  Stay tuned.  Interesting times in Louisiana!


Anonymous said...

At least you are voting even if for the lesser of two evils. There are too many people in this country who don't realize how precious their vote is. Our votes are so precious that Kochroaches will pay billions to buy them and to pass legislation to prevent people from voting.

Citizen X said...

My vote is my voice. Hear me roar.