Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scott Walker's Little Man Stature

I had to laugh when I saw Scott Walker presenting President Obama with a Brewer's jersey when the Prez was in town yesterday.  Was Scott Walker wearing his elevator shoes?  We all know he's a wimpy little short guy, so why did he look so tall at the airport?  Begging off a visit to MasterLock, Walker claimed he had the flu and left the scene.  Truth is, Obama probably can't stand the sight of this little F*ckweasel and couldn't begin to buy into the hypocrisy of having Walker near him, despite the shortness of the visit.  It was almost obscene to see a great and honorable politician stand next to our disillusioned and mentally unbalanced governor.

Truth probably is, Oil Can Scotty's feet were killing him.  He is not used to wearing high heels, even though he is one.

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