Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If more people used contraceptives, there would be less republicans.  I'm sure that's Obama's plan.  Oh wait a minute.  Republicans don't have sex for the purpose of reproduction.  They only like sex where mass quantities of working class people can all get screwed at once without a condom.  Are republicans like crack-addicted prostitutes, willing to turn any trick to put a penny in their pockets?  Certainly seems so. 

I find the republican attitude toward sex to be very informative.  Republicans want to control the bedroom.  Well, maybe that's not so bad.  I mean, given their propensity to f*ck up the works, some bedrooms probably could use a little republican assistance. 

Republicans are misguided misogynists, and any woman who votes republican votes against herself, her rights and her body.  Is there anything more distressing to any sensible woman alive than a republican wifey who agrees with her husband because she doesn't have enough sense to wonder where her mind has gone?  If ONLY their mothers had been given access to the pill!

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