Monday, February 6, 2012

Spin Doctor Walker

Walker is attempting to minimize his invitation to talk with D.A. John Chisholm as merely a "logical next step".  Logical?  Next Step?  Then why hire two criminal defense attorneys?  Why decline to comment who is going to pay for the criminal defense attorneys.

Walker is spinning more $hit out of straw.  He has the exact opposite of the Midas Touch; everything he touches turns into an investigation.

This writer is very hopeful that Mr. Chisholm has crossed his "t's" and dotted his "i's" so that we can charge Mr. Walker with being the crook he is in terms of how he ran his gubernatorial campaign.  It's quiet here, but the proverbial crap appears to be ready to hit the fan.  May Mr. Walker be standing directly in front of that fan.  The smell of crap would be an improvement over his permanent stench of a lying sack of $hit.

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