Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sing Like A Canary

Well, we all know Walker's top aides are in deep, stinky stuff over secret e-mail systems, campaigning on the County Dime, stealing money from veterans and their families; you know, typical GOP behavior.

The question is, which one of these felonious beings is going to sing like a canary and nail Walker's unethical a$$ to the wall?  My bet is with the thief.  Prison time never looks good to anyone.  If a few years can get shaved off a sentence, will he turn on his former boss?  Here's hoping.  And what choice does he really have?  Would you go to prison for Scott Walker?  I wouldn't take a step out of my way for the governor.  I wouldn't warn him he was standing on train tracks when Amtrack is about to pass by.  The only thing I would do for Scott Walker is sign Chapter 51 commitment papers on him because of his delusions of grandeur.  He's a menace to himself and others.  That a majority of people in this state didn't see that, well, shame on you, you must have mental health issues of your own.

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